Heroes Tactics features various stages to complete and collect equipment and other items from.


Heroes Tactics follows a basic story as you progress through a series of stages on a quest to save princess Loralyn from the demon lord Morpheus. There are three story modes, Warrior, Legend, and Heroic (coming soon), corresponding to the same series of stages at different difficulties. In Warrior mode, between consecutive stages is an Abandoned Treasure which can only be completed once.

Normal stages cost 6 stamina (2 on loss) in chapters 1-6, and 8 stamina (2 on loss) in chapters 7-8.
Legend stages cost 12 stamina (4 on loss) in chapters 1-6, and 16 stamina (6 on loss) in chapters 7-8. Additionally they can only be completed 3 times per day.

Peasant Town

The Barn (Legend) (Heroic)
Castle Outpost (Legend) (Heroic)
Chapel (Legend) (Heroic)
Bandit Campground (Legend) (Heroic)
Burning Ruins (Legend) (Heroic)
The Mushroom (Legend) (Heroic)

Twilight Forrest

Watchtower (Legend) (Heroic)
Forest Maze (Legend) (Heroic)
Griffin Fortress (Legend) (Heroic)
Knight's Campground (Legend) (Heroic)
Moonglade (Legend) (Heroic)
Forbidden Grounds (Legend) (Heroic)

Mithril Valley

Archmage's Tower (Legend) (Heroic)
Dwarf's Treasure Trove (Legend) (Heroic)
Centuar's Cottage (Legend) (Heroic)
House of Snakes (Legend) (Heroic)
Secret Silvermine (Legend) (Heroic)
Monastery (Legend) (Heroic)

Bleeding Plains

Troll Outpost (Legend) (Heroic)
Graveyard (Legend) (Heroic)
Wolf's Den (Legend) (Heroic)
Abandoned Tower (Legend) (Heroic)
Deserted Campground (Legend) (Heroic)
Orc Fortress (Legend) (Heroic)

Raven Hills

The Mausoleum (Legend) (Heroic)
Dracula's Mansion (Legend) (Heroic)
Necromancer's Tower (Legend) (Heroic)
Wrath Cemetery (Legend) (Heroic)
Bloody Chapel (Legend) (Heroic)
Dark Shrine (Legend) (Heroic)

Aerial Wonders

Estranged Bird Nest (Legend) (Heroic)
Mystifying Alter (Legend) (Heroic)
Serpent Shrine (Legend) (Heroic)
Bloody Campground (Legend) (Heroic)
Giant's Treasure Trove (Legend) (Heroic)
Behemoth Lair (Legend) (Heroic)

Hell's Gate

Unshackled (Legend) (Heroic)
Deserted Church (Legend) (Heroic)
Hell's Watchpost (Legend) (Heroic)
Sacrificial Altar (Legend) (Heroic)
House of Fire (Legend) (Heroic)
Devious Tent (Legend) (Heroic)


Inferno Alter (Legend) (Heroic)
Mud Alter (Legend) (Heroic)
School of Magic (Legend) (Heroic)
Alter of Air (Legend) (Heroic)
Elf Treehouse (Legend) (Heroic)
Fountain Alter (Legend) (Heroic)

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