The Scrimmage Tower contains daily stages depending on the day of the week that can be completed 5 times each. The Scrimmage Tower stages come in 4 difficulties which all share the completion count for that stage.

Scrimmage tower stages do not award heroes EXP, but make up for it with an increased drop rate. The Level IV stages drop 30000 gold and 5-18 items. Level VI stages drop 60000 gold and 10-26 items.

The Cursed Gold Mine halves(?) Mag Dmg, favoring Physical heroes.
The Magic Library halves(?) Phy Dmg, favoring Magic heroes.
The Land of Thorns features difficult terrain, favoring Aerial or Ranged heroes.

Name Days stage stage stage stage stage stage
Cursed Gold Mine (Monday, Thursday, Sunday) I II III IV V VI
Magic Library (Tuesday, Friday, Sunday) I II III IV V VI
Land of Thorns (Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday) I II III IV V VI

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