The Function is as follows:

             Damage Reduction = Def/(Def + 100+lvl*60) *100%
        or  Damage Multiplier = 100+lvl*60/(Def + 100+lvl*60) *100% 
  1. The function varies with the level of the attacker, not the attacked target.
  2. The threshold of damage reduction (both physical and magical) is 75%; The corresponding def threshold value is around 12900. Values above that are still useful if the opponent has neglect defense. See Max Stats.
  3. Def here means stats Magical or Physical Defense plus buffs or debuffs that increase or decrease Phy or Mag Def. If the attacker has Phy or Mag neglect, then the Def should minus that neglected part. For instance, if the attacker has Phy neglect 5%, and the attacked target has 10000 Phy Def then the actual Def should be 9500.
  4. Critical attacks will deal 150% of normal damage.
  5. The “Defend” stance can further reduce damage by 20%.
  6. Being too far from or adjacent to ranged units, Salvo and Isha's Parry, and Grump's Taunt can further reduce the damage by 50%.
  7. Merlin's Guardian Aura(max) can further reduce 2100 damage. This is subtracted before crit, but after other factors.
  8. Octavious's Def is 3000. Kamus's common attack three times with max Relentlessness can reduce its Def to zero.
  9. Merlin is an exception and does not fit this function. When fighting with lower level heroes, his damage is comparably higher than other heroes, but higher level lower.

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