These are weekly event challenges where heroes and positions are preset for battle. These events have a time limit of 24 hours, and have multiple tiers for rewards.

Rewards Edit

There are different rewards that you can achieve depending on how many stars you achieve from the stage. If you achieve 3-stars, then you would also receive the rewards for the 2-stars level and the 1-star level. All of the rewards are in-game currency except for the 3-star prize. 1-star rewards are diamonds, while 2-star prizes are gold. The 3-star rewards is present which is a random reward each time. 

An example of the 3-star prize and it's opening at 2:00 :

Heroes Tactics - Challenge Bonus Stages 2016 07 2402:10

Heroes Tactics - Challenge Bonus Stages 2016 07 24


The events will utilize a combination of heroes that create synergy. Each hero has a very vital role in the success of the stage. In order to win, it requires you to explore the heroes' abilities thoroughly and properly utilizes it's abilities. Unlike a PvP scenario, you would often need to employ strategies that position your heroes to block paths, and properly distribute damage amongst the team. 

Heroes Tactics - Challenge Bonus Stages (B Strategy) 2016 07 1702:51

Heroes Tactics - Challenge Bonus Stages (B Strategy) 2016 07 17

Bonus Stage 31.07
Heroes Tactics Bonus stage №6 3101:07

Heroes Tactics Bonus stage №6 31.07

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